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Using PayPal for Donation
Using PayPal for Donation

Let's show what the experience is like for those who chose to integrate with Paypal

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This article is recommended for those who have already activated the monetization feature within Live chat and made the integration with Paypal. Soon we will offer the option of integration with Stripe, for now, we are in beta.

View of the option within Live chat

The monetization option (Donation, Tip jar, and Gift ) is on the tabs on the right of Live chat and If you hover over them they will expand (screenshot above).

Step 1: selecting values

Clicking on the option, a box will open with the options of pre-defined values, if the user wants to donate another value, he can type in the open field (1).

Step 2: Opening Paypal checkout for payment

By clicking on the Pay with Paypal option (2), a Paypal checkout window will open, where the user will log in and enter the payment information to proceed with the donation.

Step 3: Choosing payment options and finalizing your transaction

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