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Live Chat Monetization - Donation, Tip Jar and Gift
Live Chat Monetization - Donation, Tip Jar and Gift

Learn about the monetization feature in the Live chat

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The Live Chat Monetization is a great option for you who wants to raise funds for your charity event, give gifts according to the performance of your event, or receive tips for a job developed or a presentation performed. The possibilities vary a lot, according to your need.

How to enable Monetization within Live chat

You need to follow the steps below to enable the monetization feature:

(1) Access the dashboard.

(2) Access the Live Chat tab.

(3) Click on the desired chat.

Within the selected Chat, the Monetization option will be displayed on the right corner.

Click on it and select the desired option:

  • (1) Donation

  • (2) Gift

  • (3) Tip Jar

The Payment Integrations are available under the Enterprise plan.

Useful links:

Arena Team.

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