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How to configure my Paypal account in Arena?
How to configure my Paypal account in Arena?

Step by step on how to connect your PayPal account and start monetizing on Live chat

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This article is related to the Monetization feature within Live chat, which is in beta, in case you want to do any campaign to raise funds in your event that fits the options:

  • Donation

  • Tip Jar

  • Gift

We currently offer integration with the Paypal payment system, soon we will integrate with Stripe. Below we will list the basic steps for integrating monetization into your Live chat.

If you haven't enabled the monetization option, or don't know how to find that option, click here to learn more.

Connecting with Paypal

To connect with Paypal it is necessary:

(1) Create a name for your integration according to your choice.

(2) Have the API Key that can be generated following the steps that Paypal itself explains how to obtain by clicking here.

(3) After filling in all the information click on SAVE.

After that, users will be able to make payments through their chat using Paypal. Team

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