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Live Chat User Profile

Learn how to access and complete your Live Chat profile information

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With the User Profile, you will learn more about other users who are using the Live Chat.
It's an easy way to change your user photo, share a little more about yourself in the bio field, insert your preferred social networks, change your password and save your profile.

Accessing your Profile

(1) Click on your profile photo.

(2) Then click on My Profile.

Accessing other users' profiles

(1) Click user photo.

(2) then click on Profile.

It's also possible to access the profile through the list of users and through the direct message.

From the list of users:

(1) Click on the 3 dots on the user.

(2) then click on Profile.

By direct message:

(1) Within the direct conversation, click on the 3 dots.

(2) then click on Profile.

Updating your Profile information

(1) - Click to edit your profile.

(2) - Change your password.

(3) - Log out if necessary.

After clicking (1) - Click to edit your profile, the screen with the fields for updating will be displayed:

(1) Your photo: upload an image from your computer.

(2) Location: we recommend entering your country.

(3) Name: enter your name to be visible to other users.

(4) Bio: talk a little bit about you. Remember that your profile will be visible in all chats.

(5) Social: this is where you can enter the URLs of your social media profiles and websites. When you enter the URL automatically we identify the logo/favicon of the website.

(6) After filling out your profile, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Your profile updates will be displayed on users captured by Personas, check here to learn more about.

If you have any questions please contact our support by chat within the dashboard.

Arena Team.

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