Direct conversation enhances the user experience making it easy to ask questions, follow up with selected users, and increase user engagement at an individual level. By encouraging user interactions, you can foster a community of like-minded people on your website and refine your audience.

To activate private one-on-one conversation, simply enable the feature when creating your Live Chat or enable it inside your chat:

1. Enable "Send Private Message" when you create a new chatroom.

2. You can also easily turn on/off the direct message toggle on the existing chatroom by going to the "Private" tab in the dashboard.

3. Once the toggle is on, you can start sending direct messages to the users by going to the Private tab > Click "Go Private" > and select the user you would like to send a direct message to.

4. Please make sure to notify your audiences to log in to the chat if they wish to use the Direct conversation feature. Direct conversation is not available under the "Sign-up Not Required" settings.

Direct conversation is currently available under any of Arena's paying plans. If you have any questions regarding the feature, please don't hesitate to contact the support team.

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