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Interest profiles and enrichment
Interest profiles and enrichment

Arena Personas captures user's interest profiles and matches them against a clear taxonomy for further segmentation and targeting.

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Unlike many other CDP tools, Arena Personas can enrich your first-party data with your first-party data! We do that by running complex algorithms on top of the raw tracking events data and the content of the pages visited in order to determine the interest profile for each user.

For example, a User visiting an article on your website that contains a Soccer Match Liveblog starts interacting with the content, engaging in polls, voting for teams. It's accurate to say that this user is probably interested in Sports and, more specifically, Soccer. This is a trivial example to demonstrate a high-level overview, under the hood Arena runs dozens of these models in order to make such assumptions. You can see a user's interest profile by going to their individual page:

With such powerful enrichment capability, your marketing team can easily create Audiences such as "Users who are interested in Rugby" and sync that audience to create lookalike audiences on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, send targeted emails about the next great Rugby game, the possibilities are endless.

For select customers, we are able to go even further and measure the user affinity with certain brands, allowing you to target and capture even more insights about your audience.

User behavior is analyzed and then matched against a taxonomy with more than 840 categories. The taxonomy is loosely inspired on IAB's Content Taxonomy V2.

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