Live Chat is crucial to increase your website's engagement rate. At Arena, we provide a live chat product that you can easily embed into your website.

How to create a live chat

1. Go to your dashboard, click Engagement > Chat

2. Click Create a new chatroom

3. Insert the Name of your chatroom.

4. For better monitoring purposes, we recommend setting up some filters in the Advanced Settings.

a. Language of the Live Chat - we support 18 Languages

b. Keep Chat Open - the chat will be open when accessing the page

c. Pre-Moderation - Messages must be manually approved before appearing to the public

d. Request Moderator - Users can request to be moderators of messages sent by other users on your site

e. Sign Up Settings - You can choose to make the sign-up required, not required (or suggested), and integrate Single Sign-On on your account.

f. Allow Sharing Links - Users will be able to send articles, media, and social content links

g. Users send GIFs - Allow chat users to send gifs

h. Reactions - Enable users to react to messages

i. Display Online Counter - Show the number of online users.

k. Profanity filter - Block, Replace message with ***, or None

5. We offer multiple chat positions for your website. Just select the position and embed code that matches your preferences.

6. Once you are ready, click Start Chatting.

To Maintain your live chat

Once the live chat is created, you will see four different tabs: Live, Stream, Analytics, and Moderation. Each serves its own purpose.

Live: This tab shows online users, Pre-moderation (if selected), the chat stream, and social stream (if any).
Stream: This tab shows the social stream settings. Please see How to set up Social Stream for more information.
Analytics: This tab shows the analysis of people who engaged in the chatroom.
Moderation: All reported users and banned users will be shown here.

To Delete the Live Chat, please click Edit Chat on the top right page and click Delete

Reach us out in case you need any other information.

Arena team


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