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How to create Polls on Live Chat
How to create Polls on Live Chat

Learn how to create Polls on the Arena Live Chat easily and quickly.

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Live Chat Polls allow users to answer questions asked by Owner Chat and see the results instantly on the Polls tab.

How to enable Polls?

The Live Chat Owner must access the Polls tab within the chat and create a new poll and click on POST. After that, the Polls tab will be displayed on the Live Chat public area.

Publishing a poll

After filling out all the poll information, a card will be automatically published in Live Chat, indicating that a new poll has been published. The user will be able to vote directly in the chat environment, not having to access the tab.

Saving Polls to Draft

You can create a poll and save a draft to publish it later. To do this, you must create your questions and options, set up a schedule, and then click on Save as a draft.

After saving a poll in the draft, it is possible to post, edit or delete it.

General Poll Settings

  • You can enter as many options as you like;

  • To create a poll you need to define a schedule;

  • You can choose to show or hide the number of votes.

If you have any questions regarding the feature, please don't hesitate to contact the support team.

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