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How to enable Q&A on Live Chat
How to enable Q&A on Live Chat

Get to know the Q&A functionality and learn how to use it.

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Q&A is a feature that allows the Arena Live Chat users to ask questions related to any topic.

We present a tab within the Live Chat where users can click and access the Q&A. They can ask questions, react to other users' questions, and even filter them by the most recent, popular, answered, or unanswered questions.

Live Q&A

How to enable Q&A

To do this, access the dashboard within your Live Chat on the Q&A tab, and click on ENABLE Q&A.

After enabled on the dashboard, the Q&A tab will be displayed in the public section and available for users to ask questions.


If you prefer, you can moderate all questions before they are posted by activating the pre-moderation option.

The user will ask the questions, and you will receive them within the dashboard on the pre-moderation tab inside the Q&A. You can choose what questions should be approved or archived.

You can also take this time to answer questions right away.

Moderation of questions

After the questions are approved, they are visible on New Questions. To answer, just click on Reply next to the question. After that, the answers will be displayed on the Answered tab.

After answering a question, a card is automatically published within the Live Chat with the answer. See the example below:

Q&A is currently available under any of Arena's paying plans.

If you have any questions regarding the feature, please contact our support team.

We are always happy to help!

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