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How to create a Live Chat
How to create a Live Chat

In this article, you will learn how to create a live chat

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Live Chat is an amazing tool to increase engagement in online events as well as enhance the experience of students of the e-learning modality and help get more leads for the sales team to name a few possibilities.

Arena chat can be easily embedded into your website.

How to create a Live Chat

  1. Go to your dashboard, choose Live Chat, and click Create a new chatroom

  2. Give it a Name and choose the status Live or Closed (end-users can´t send messages).

  3. Then jump to the Advanced Settings, for example:

    1. Language - we support 18 Languages

    2. Pre-Moderation - Messages must be manually approved before appearing to the public

    3. Sign Up Settings - You can choose to make the sign-up required, not required (or suggested), and integrate Single Sign-On on your account.

    4. Profanity filter - Block, Replace message with ***, or None.

Ps. we have a suggested list of Profanity words that can be edited as you please.

See all Advanced Settings below:

Get Live Chat Embed code

We offer multiple chat positions for your website. Just select the position and embed code that matches your preferences.

6. Once you are ready, click Start Chatting.

Learn more about Live chat features:

Reach out to us in case you need any other information.

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