You can create Conversion Cards for various campaigns such as:

  • Sell a product

  • Capture emails

  • Create a newsletter

  • Download an app

  • Ebook download

  • Subscription to streaming services

  • Access a website

Among many other infinite possibilities.

To create a Conversion Cards access one of your Live Chats at and then click on the icon as in the example below.

Start by choosing your objective or create a custom card

In the objectives listed, we offer ready-made templates that fit better but it is possible to customize according to your needs.

Enter your product or service information

In this step, you enter details such as the title, description, and image of your product or service.

Customize your card colors and design and start selling!

We provide a color palette where you can insert colors according to your brand.

Want to know more about Conversion Cards? We have an article explaining how to use Conversion cards on the Live blog.

Arena Team

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