The first step is to access your Wix account, if you don't have an account you can easily create and have your website for free quickly and easily.

Step 01: inside the Arena dashboard when creating your Live Chat,

  1. Select the desired format and

  2. Copy the embed code.

Step 2: Within the site editor on Wix you should:

  1. Click the plus (+) button in the left corner;

  2. Then Embed;

  3. Then Custom Embeds;

  4. And then Embed a Widget.

Step 3: An empty element will be displayed within your website edition, do the following:

  1. Click Enter the code;

  2. Select Code option

  3. Then paste the embed code copied into Live Chat creation;

  4. Then click on Update.

Step 4: the chat will be displayed on the screen, to make it fixed, click on the right mouse button;

  1. Then Pin to screen;

  2. Then select its position on the screen.

Position on the screen:

Step 5: Click on Publish.

Your Chat will be displayed on your Wix website page! 🎉🎉🎉

Watch the step-by-step video of how to do this easily:

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Arena Team

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