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Personas - Overview
Personas - Overview

Personas enables organizations to collect and unify customer data. Identity Resolution & Profiles and Audience segmentation.

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Personas is built on Arena's experience platform and allows you to aggregate customer data in an organized and centralized repository. It runs on the first-party data that you are collecting from your Arena widgets (Liveblog, Chat Room, Content Wall, etc) and custom Javascript sources using Arena Hub JS SDK. This type of data can be integrated with 3rd party tools to personalize messages across channels, optimize ad spend, content personalization and improve targeting, to name a few.

Personas is composed of the following main features:

  • Identity Resolution & Profiles: Personas automates the manual process of resolving disparate event data from across devices and domains. With our Identity Graph, Personas intelligently merges and enrich customer data into a 360 degree view of the user.

  • User classification and scoring: Personas classify your users into 4 buckets: Visitor, Lead, User and Buyer and the behavior data collected from your Widgets are used to calculate a lead scoring that reflects the likelihood of users to purchase from you.

  • Audiences: With audiences you can segment your users, including anonymous, by their behavior on your site/app, their interest profile or any other trait. One example audience would be "Barcelona fans that didn't return in the last 10 days". You can push audiences to your favorite marketing and analytics tools.

Getting Started

Getting started with Arena Personas is easy and often doesn't require any coding because it's built off of the data already being captured by your widgets.

If you wish to send custom events, like Purchase or Subscription events, you'll have to use our Arena Hub JS SDK.

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