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How to integrate Arena Live Chat on Shopify
How to integrate Arena Live Chat on Shopify

In this article we will explain the step by step to integrate the Live Chat on Shopify

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First, log in to your Shopify account, if you don't have your shop on Shopify yet, don't waste time and create your store quickly and easily.

Step 1: After accessing your store on Shopify, in the side menu follow the steps:

  1. Click on Themes

  2. Then click on Customize

Step 2: In your website editor:

  1. Click on + Add block;

  2. Then in Custom HTML.

Step 03: A text box will open.

  1. Paste the Live Chat embed code.

  2. Then click Save

And the Chat already displayed inside the editor and inside your store πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰

In this video we show you the step-by-step way to embed Live Chat in your Shopify store:

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