You might want to have some control over the words and/or expressions sent on the Live Chat you are hosting. With that in mind, you can use the Profanity filter.

How to do it on the Live Chat

1 - Go to the EDIT CHAT tab then, on the Advanced Settings, Profanity Filter:

2 - There is a list of SUGGESTED words and/or expressions in the Profanity list, which gives you the freedom to personalize it according to your preferences or the purposes of your chat.

*Remember to SAVE any changes

3 - Then, you have the following options:

  • Replace with **** - if a word included on your profanity list is sent, **** will be displayed instead of the word.

  • Block - if a word included on your profanity list is sent, the sender will be blocked and won’t be able to send another message unless you unblock the person.

  • None - the profanity filter is off.


Changes made on the Profanity filter might take a few minutes to reflect in the public part of the chat.

Also, the list changes according to the language defined in the site settings.

Reach out to our support team if you have questions.

Happy to assist you!

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