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Some setup that might prevent users from accessing the Live Chat
Some setup that might prevent users from accessing the Live Chat

Understand some settings that might prevent users from accessing your Live Chat

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Possible reasons are:

Cookies and third-party data blocked in the browser

Our Live Chat searches for data in our databases, and as the product is directly embedded into our customers' websites, there is a need to consult third-party banks. If third-party cookies are disabled in your browser, you need to enable them for the chat to function normally.

To do this, access your browser settings and search for (1)Third-party cookies > select (2) Allow all cookies.

After that, refresh the page where you have the Live Chat.

Google Chrome example:

Using ad blockers in the browser

If you use ad-blocking in your browser, this may affect the execution of some page elements that seek information from third-party databases.

For example, some information from Google the ad blocker understands as an ad and gets blocked, causing some page elements not to be displayed.

We recommend disabling blocked ads, so the usage of Live Chat has no restrictions.

To learn more about how to disable or uninstall an extension, check the following articles:

For more information, please talk to our support team via the chat within our dashboard.

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