It is now possible to create channels within the Arena Live Chat to boost engagement on several subjects according to your interest areas.

For example, a sports website can create a Live Chat with channels for each type of sport and allow separate discussions on each channel.

How to create Channels within Live Chat?

Within the Live Chat dashboard we have two options for creation:

(1) In the list of Channels > Create Channel

(2) On the "Create Channel" button within Live Chat

After clicking the "Create Channel" button, the options for creation will be shown:

(1) You can define a name for the Channel;

(2) Insert an emoji according to the content of your channel;

(3) Set as the main channel (the main channel is the first to be visible in Live Chat).

Understand what the Main channel is and how to define the Main channel

It is the channel that is visible in the first tab of Live chat when users access it.

To define a channel as the main one you must follow the steps:

(1) Click on the pencil icon to edit the channel;

(2) Then select "Set as main channel" and click SAVE.

How to rename a channel?

(1) To delete a channel you must click on the pencil icon to edit the channel.

(2) Then enter a name and name for your channel then click SAVE

How to delete a channel?

(1) To delete a channel you must click on the pencil icon to edit the channel.

(2) Then click on DELETE and confirm.

General channel settings

  • When creating/editing the channel, it is possible to define whether the channel will be the main one or not (the main channel is the first to be visible).

  • Changing the main channel may take a few minutes due to the cache.

  • The main chat settings are applied to the other channels: Language, Pre-Moderation, Sign Up, Allow Sharing Links, Users send GIFs, Display Emoji Button, Reactions, Main color, Profanity filter, and other settings.

  • Analytics: Analytics is general for all channels - it considers the sum of all channels.

  • Q&A, Polls, and Streams work by channel.

If you have any other questions about the Channel feature, please send us a message in our chat support within the dashboard.

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