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How to translate JSON file of archived chat messages
How to translate JSON file of archived chat messages

A guide to extract necessary information from your downloaded chat file

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For a non-technical person, JSON file might sound a little bit intimidating. This article will guide you to get the most use of the file, for you to make it presentable for your client.

  1. Once you download the archive file on Arena, you can edit the file here and filter only necessary information.

Select fields that are important for you. In this case, we are going to show the text message, date, and sender name.

Click ok and Save to disk.

2. Once you download the file, you should be able to open JSON file on a normal txt note on your computer, or alternatively, you can convert it here

3. As you can see that the CreateAt date format is actually a Unix timestamp and unreadable to most people. You can easily convert this to a date and time format on the Excel spreadsheet.

Below is the formula that you can use to change the date format.



4. Please don't forget to change your date format to the type below:

And Voila! You have mastered the use of your chat archived message. Please feel free to contact us through the chat bubble on the right bottom corner if you have any questions.


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