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How to create a liveblog
How to create a liveblog

Liveblog: step-by-step

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In this article, we will explain how to create a live event from scratch.

How to create sports live event

1. Create a new event by clicking on Create new event option under Event menu

2. Select the Sports Category, Country, and Tournament.
Selecting multiple tournaments will automatically create multiple events on Arena.

If the tournament that you are looking for is not available, please read How to create a Tournament manually for more information.

3. Once you select the tournament, the Auto Play-by-play and Auto Post on your Social Stream will be set as on by default. You could turn it off if you prefer to select the content by yourself.  For more information on how to set up a social stream, please read How to set up Social Stream on our Knowledge Base.

4. The Event Information will be auto-filled by Arena. All you need to do is to add Description and Tags, if necessary.
Your Avatar - The image of your Avatar will represent your Event on Arena's dashboard.
Your Cover - The image of your Cover will represent the Event on the Info tab of your liveblog.  

5. To enable visitors engagement in your website, simply turn on the Comments and
Chat room. Select the Chat room position you desire and set up any filter according to your preference. We recommend to set up some filters to avoid any spam in the chat room.

6. If you are on Business Plan or Enterprise Plan user, you are eligible to use our Monetization function. Please refer to How to Connect with AdSense to find out more.

7. To customize your Arena's liveblog layout, simply choose one of the Feed Format provided. You will also be able to customize the theme further by clicking on the ADVANCED option next to the Color box.  

8. Lastly, you can adjust your liveblog on the very bottom of the Edit Event page.
We supports 52 languages for your convenience. Choose the language which target your end-users for better traffic.

9. Save Event.

Voila! You have successfully create a new sports event! 

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