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User classification and scoring
User classification and scoring

Your audience is pre-organized in four segments: visitor, lead, user and buyer.

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Arena Personas automatically classifies users into four main segments:


These will usually compose the majority of your audience. These are the users who visit your website but don't engage with the content. They usually have low average session time and high bounce rate.


A visitor is converted to a lead when they recently engaged with your content by writing chat messages, liking liveblog posts or any other action tracked by the Widgets. Note that the email is not yet captured when the person is a Lead.

Note: A Lead can go back to the Visitor segment if they didn't engage with your content in the last 30 days.


A visitor/lead is converted to a User when they sign up through one of the Widgets or on your system. At this point the person's email is known and they usually are your most engaged fans.


A buyer is someone who purchased a product or subscription from you. Purchases can only be tracked by you and must be added to the final step of your checkout flow. In order to track a buyer you must send a special Purchased event using Arena Hub SDK.

Lead scoring

On top of the basic classification from visitors to buyers, Arena Personas also apply lead scoring techniques to all your users in order to determine the likelihood to buy from you.

You can see the score for each user on the People tab:

The higher the score the more chance that user has to convert.

The following variables are taken into consideration while computing the score:

  • Browser language, if the user's language matches with yours, the score will be higher

  • Engagement events, more reactions, likes, chat messages, comments means more affinity with your website and brand

  • Average session time, more time on site means more opportunities to engage and promote your products

  • Last seen, repeating and frequent users are more likely to purchase than those one time visitors

It's important to note that the score can go down over time if the user stops engaging, which means they are "cooling off".

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