Currently, the Live Blog has the option to integrate Google Adsense, DFP, and other options for customized ad platforms. In this way it is possible to generate revenue from your published content, the ads will be published according to your preference within the Live blog.

Important note: ads don't work on Live Blog on Iframe.

To start you have two options for connecting your ad system, the processes will be the same:

  • Clicking on the Monetization tab in the main menu of the dashboard, this tab is where you can manage your integrations;

  • Or within the creation/edition of a Live Blog in the option Start to monetize.

After that, you must choose one of the options below to integrate or connect to the Arena account.

How to connect with AdSense

Connecting with AdSense is super easy but requires a few steps to complete. On the video below I'll go through the steps performed on AdSense and our Dashboard.
Just follow the steps described on the wizard and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

How to connect with DFP

Go to Double Click for Publishers

  1. On the left navigation pane, click Inventory.

  2. And then on Ad units, select the ad as you want.


  4. In Step 1 select Google Publisher Tag and click Continue.

  5. In Step 2, confirm the tag settings and click Continue.

  6. In Step 3, copy the Document Title code and insert it into the <head> tag on your site.

  7. Enter the name of your ad unit below.

  8. On Step 3 it will show the Tag Results, select the code that appears in Document Body and enter below.

Monetization via AdSense, DFP, and Ad Networks is available on the Enterprise plan, talk to Sales for more information.

How to connect another Ad integration (Available on the Enterprise plan)

It is possible to integrate advertising systems in a customized way according to your need.

If you want to know more details about the Enterprise plan, access our support via chat on the dashboard or click on the Enterprise option on the billing page inside the dashboard.

Arena team :)

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