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How to connect with DFP (Ad Manager)
How to connect with DFP (Ad Manager)

Step by step to connect to DFP (now part of the Ad Manager) on Live Blog

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Example on the public view.

We've updated the DFP ad integration - DoubleClick for Publishers, now Google Ad Manager. Now our client can connect his ads to the Live Blog in a simpler and more synchronized way, following the steps below.

The first step is to create a Google API project in order to get Client ID and Client Secret. Follow the instructions to get credentials file (client_secret.json) and upload it on the field below:

  1. Log into your AdManager account:

  2. On the left menu, navigate to Admin > Global settings

  3. Copy the Network code at the top of the menu and paste it in the input below

  4. On the top, right next to "Google Cloud" click on the dropdown (project list)

  5. If you have already created the Arena project (it appears on the list), select it, click on Credentials and go to step 09. If not, continue to step 7

  6. Click on the NEW PROJECT button on the top right to create a new project.

  7. Enter Arena AdManager for project name and click on the Create button

  8. Click on project selection, wait for the project to be created and then and select Arena AdManager as the current project

  9. In the left menu, click on Credentials

  10. Click on the Create Credentials button and select Service Account

  11. Set Arena AdManager value in the "Service Account Name" field

  12. Click on Create and Continue, and then click Done

  13. Click on the last created Service Account to edit it

  14. Go to the Keys tab

  15. Click on Add Key > Create new key

  16. Select JSON and click on Create

  17. Upload the downloaded file below

Arena team.

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