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How to use Arena widgets with Google Tag Manager
How to use Arena widgets with Google Tag Manager

Step by step to add Arena widgets to your website using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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Let's begin by setting up the Google Tag Manager on your site.

1 - Set up an account on Google Tag Manager:

  • click on create account

  • name for your account

  • choose your country

  • set up a container for your account and click on create.

2 - Install GTM into your website

  • Accept google tag manager terms to see the code as below

  • Copy the code and paste it onto every page of your website

  • Click ok to finish the GTM set up on your website.

Add Arena widgets in your website

1 - Start by install adding a new tag and configure it:

  • Go to the Tag manager dashboard

  • Workspace

  • Add new tag and name that tag

  • Choose custom HTML in the tag configuration.

2- Insert the embed code of your widget

Past the Arena embed code on Custom HTML, set Triggering as "All pages" and save

To finish the proccess, click on tags in your Google Tag Manager dashboard

  • Select your tag

  • Click on submit

  • Click on Publish.

There we go! You will have Arena in your site.

Reach out to our support in case you need it.

Arena team :)

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