Note⚠️: To integrate Arena in Vimeo OTT it is necessary to use Google tag manager and have a Vimeo OTT Enterprise account


Inserting Live Chat embed code inside Google Tag Manager

Go to Google Tag Manager

(1) Click Add a new tag

(2) Name the tag with the name of your choice

(3) Click on Tag Configuration

(4) A list of options will open, click or search for Custom HTML

(5) Inside the Arena dashboard copy the Live Chat Embed code, you can choose the format that will look best on your Vimeo OTT page.

(6) Inside the Tag Manager, paste the Embed code inside the HTML field.

(7) Under Triggering, define the pages where you want the chat to appear.

(8) If you don't want to define any trigger, click on Save and save your tag with Live Chat

Note⚠️: If you want it to appear on every page of your Vimeo OTT site, you don't need to set Triggering.

(9) After saving your tag, you will be taken back to the Tag Manager home, click Submit to publish your new tag.

(10) Copy your tag code and follow the steps below to link your Enterprise account on Vimeo OTT.

Triggering: Defining by Tag Manager which pages Live Chat should appear on Vimeo OTT

If you want Live Chat to appear on specific pages, click on Triggering, on the + (plus) button and create a new condition, for specific pages, follow the steps below:

(1) Click on Trigger Configuration

(2) Then, select Page view from the options list

(3) Check the Some Page Views option

(4) In the list of triggers, select the option Page URL

(5) Enter the URL of the page where you want the chat to appear

(6) If you want it to appear on more pages and this needs to be defined in the same trigger you can click on the + (plus) and insert more pages.

(7) After this process click on Save

Note⚠️: you can create different tags and place different chats for specific pages.

Accessing the Vimeo OTT dashboard and linking the Google Tag Manager tag with Live Chat

Log in to your Vimeo Enterprise account

(1) Access the Manage tab

(2) Then click on Site

(3) And then in the Tracking tab

(4) In the Google Tag Manager Container ID field paste the copied id

(5) Then click on Save

🎉🎉Live Chat will be displayed on the desired pages defined in Tag Manager! 🎉

Note⚠️: you can create different tags and place different chats for specific pages.

For more information please contact our chat support within the dashboard.

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