Push Notification is a solution created to activate your users natively through the Arena dashboard, without the need to use external tools.

In addition to simple notifications, the greatest value delivered here is allowing you to trigger personalized notifications according to the segmentations created in our Personas area.

That makes this solution even more valuable to help deliver targeted messages according to your strategy.

To access the push notification you must access the dashboard.

Click on the tab Engagement > Web Push: https://dashboard.arena.im/web-push

First access

When you first access the Web Push settings, you will see 3 important steps that must be followed in order to successfully install the prompt on your website:

1. Activate Web Push

2. Configuration

3. Create a Campaign

1. Activate Web Push

  1. You must enable this first step for step 2 to become active.

2. Configuration

  1. Clicking GO TO SETTINGS will take you to the prompt settings page.

  2. Or you can do this by right-clicking on settings in the upper right corner.

Activate the Arena Push:

On this page, you will configure how the prompt will be displayed on your page.

Note that the image of the prompt is the same as it is in your website settings in the dashboard. To change just access the website settings at https://dashboard.arena.im/settings/site

  1. Here you see how it will appear on your page;

  2. You can change the action message by inserting a message that calls your users' attention to subscribe;

  3. The accept and cancel buttons can also be customized according to your choice;

  4. Auto prompt: here you can choose the time for the prompt to be displayed on the screen, if it is disabled it will be displayed immediately on the page.

  5. After making all the settings click on SAVE and copy the Arena Pixel code and paste it on your site, we recommend pasting it at the end of your site's body tag, for example:

<script src="https://go.arena.im/test/arena-sdk.js?v=001"></script>

After inserting it on your website, see if the acceptance prompt was displayed on your page.

How the prompt works on your website:

After clicking ALLOW (1) at the prompt, a pop up should be opened (2) where confirmation of acceptance will be made.

Note: Safari users are unable to register for the push. They will not receive a push notification. This happens due to a restriction by Safari itself.

Arena push works on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

3. Create a Campaign

After setting up and installing the prompt on your website, you can now create and send campaigns to users who have signed up.

For this, we created a specific article on how to create and manage your campaigns.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support team within the dashboard!

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