How Arena improves SEO

Learn how Arena improves your SEO ranking and how you can optimize it even further.

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Arena has demonstrated that people spend more time on pages where Arena is installed. This translates into more page views and more engagement, which keep pages fresh and give search engines more data to crawl.

We worked closely with search engines, including Google, to ensure Arena content is crawlable, though ultimately, indexing is out of Arena’s hands.

For liveblogs we add the markups based on specifically for that type of content. You can read more about it here.

We always try to make it easy and straightforward to achieve the best results, even if you're a non-technical person or SEO expert.

The best option to implement improved SEO is to use our Wordpress Plugin, we've abstracted all the heavy work and it's a solution that just works.

If you use a different CMS or backend, we've got you covered too:

Node.js Express

You can add our Express middleware by using the npm package @arena-im/arena-express-middleware

Cloudflare Workers

Please follow the docs on the npm package @arena-im/arena-cf-worker

Custom Backend integration

A custom implementation can also be done by backend integration. During the render of a page, your backend should call Arena SEO Service, receive SEO markup, and append it to the bottom of the page.

Calling Arena SEO Service is done by sending a GET request to:

(Don't forget to set your publisherSlug and the current liveblogSlug)

As a response, you'll get a markup that holds SEO information for Google and other search engines. This markup implements JSON-LD based on the protocol. Appending this markup to the page let search engines read and index the page.

Checking the results

When done, you can verify the integration using Google's Structured Data Testing Tool both by URL (if your URL is accessible by the world) or by pasting an HTML.

IFrame Embed Code

When you use our iframe embed code, the indexifembedded tag is already included in the meta tags, ensuring that your content is indexed when embedded on your pages, even if the content page itself has a noindex tag. This makes it even easier for you to manage your SEO and content strategy, since you can simply embed our iframe code and trust that your content will be discoverable on your pages.

So if you're looking for a hassle-free solution for embedding content on your website, our iframe embed code with the indexifembedded robots tag is a great choice.

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