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Posting on social networks using Arena
Posting on social networks using Arena

Know about the cross-post feature, how to use it and all the features

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Cross-posting feature to Twitter and/or Facebook is available in Arena. Choose your Twitter/Facebook account next to Post to and the content will be posted automatically once you hit the Post button.

You will be able to add your social media account directly by clicking the Twitter or Facebook icon on the Post Area or Connect it separately under your Account Settings.

Simply access the Settings > Click on the Account name. It will lead you to your profile page.
In this page, you will be able to edit your Name, Profile Picture, as well as managing your social media accounts that are connected to Arena. 

Additional features for your cross post:

You can add features that will be recurring posted with your post, they are:

1 - Hashtags;

2 - URL (We recommend using the URL of the page where the event is posted, but you can enter any link, it will appear next to the post.)

Example of how a cross post looks like through Arena:


Facebook: Team.

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