When you are in Arena, chances are you want your colleagues/editors to be in there as well. To invite other people, click on the Settings > Invite People

・Role: select from Admin, Editor, Owner. You will also be able to create your role by selecting + Create a New Role.
select organization that you want to assign to the user.
・Team member: type down the member's email address
・Site: Select the site registered on Arena
Once you are done, click Send Invites

Your Colleague will received an email like this:

Click Accept and it will direct you an Arena page where you will add you Full Name and create your password. Click Continue once you are done.

How to Manage User

If you want to manage a certain user on your account, click Settings > Manage User > Edit

In the page, you will be able to:

  • Make the user as Account Owner,

  • Grant or remove permission to more website/organization,

  • Grant or remove permission to social media account,

  • Grant or remove permission to events,

  • Change Role,

  • Delete user.


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