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Managing your sites and organizations
Managing your sites and organizations

Adding multiple sites and organizations on your Arena

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To add more sites and organizations into your Arena account, you can simply access it by clicking at your logo on the top left corner of the page. Click Sites & Organizations settings or Add new site to jump to the Setting page.

To add new Organization, click on New Organization and type the organization name. Click Add Organization.

To add new Sites, click on New Sites, fill in the Website Name and URL, Organization, Subscription Plan, Connect Social Media Account (optional), and check the confirmation. And click Add Site.

Please note: If you choose the Plan other than Basic, you will be charge as separate plan from the main site. If you have Professional/Business/Enterprise Plan, please talk to Arena representative for more details. 

To change your site's profile picture, click on the Settings, and then click on the circle option and choose the pictures you want to use. Click Update

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