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How to post to your Sports event
How to post to your Sports event

Live event: create action, person, cross-posting, social-post url, preview, and schedule post

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Creating a post is very simple with Arena.ย 

Once you got into the Live event, insert all the details like the minutes, action, player, title, and body.

If you want to include any social post url(Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Facebook) in your post, copy and paste the link to the box below.

Cross-function posting to Twitter and/or Facebook is available on Arena. Choose your Twitter/Facebook account next to Post to and the content will be automatically published on the account once you hit Post button.
Additionally, you can tick the Display your name section if you want to display your name when the post is published.

You could add some media assets on your post through your computer or via Content Manager. There are also option to add GIF via Giphy, Poll, Conversion Card, and changing the background color of the post.

You don't have to publish the post right away. In Arena, we allow you to Preview the post beforehand, Save as draft, or make a Schedule post.

To edit your Draft or Schedule post, please refer to this article.
To Delete your post, click on the 3 dots and click Delete Post.

To bulk delete the post, check the box of the posts that you want to delete and click the trash can button to delete.

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