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How to upload and manage Content Manager
How to upload and manage Content Manager

In this article, we will explain on how to upload and manage contents in Content Manager

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Content Manager is the place for you to keep all your media assets. It is a time-saving function for your organization, especially, if you use the same assets for multiple posts.

How to insert files from computer and social media

1. Open your Dashboard, click on Content Manager.
2. Click + New > Upload Files
3. Select the files that you want to upload.

4. To add content from social media, click Social Content, insert the user account name or hashtag or keyword on your preferences social media channel.
5. Select the content > Save to Folder > All Assets > Save

Managing your assets in Content Manager

1. Create a folder that represents the category of the assets.

2. Select the assets that fall through the category of the folder. Click Options > Move to > Select folder > Save

3. You can select multiple assets at once and post it on your Liveblog or Content Wall by selecting the assets. Once you are done click Post.ย 

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