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How to create sports widgets
How to create sports widgets

This article is to explain how to create a sports widget and how to add it to your website

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Sports widgets come in handy when you want to embed a ranking or calendar widget dedicated to your favorite sports team.

Currently, Arena provides UFC Ranking and Calendar, F1 Constructor Standings, Driver Standings, Race Calendar, Races Results, and Race Live Timing.

Don't worry, you will still be able to create a custom sports widget if your favorite sports category is not covered in Arena.

How to add a sports widget (UFC or F1)

1. Go to your Dashboard, click on Engagement > Sports Widgets

2. Select the Widgets from the list that you want to add on your website.

3. You will be able to see the preview of the widget on this page. 

4. Copy the embed code that will be implemented into your website.

How to create custom sports widget

  1. Go to your Dashboard, click on Engagement > Sports Widgets > Custom

2. Click Create New Widget

3. Add Name of the Widget.

4. Customize the widget on the Preview section. You are able to add Avatar, Text, and Button in the widget horizontally and vertically. 

5. Once you are set, click Save.

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