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How to connect your Instagram account to
How to connect your Instagram account to

In this article we will explain how to connect your Instagram Business Account to use it as a Stream source

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As determined by Facebook, using the Instagram Content Search Stream option requires an Instagram Business account.

Get an Instagram business account and connect it to

Here are the necessary steps (required only once for each Instagram account) to make it easier to integrate your Instagram business account with

  1. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can easily switch it to a business account. Here is a quick tutorial to help you with this.

TIP: If you are working as a team and have multiple Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, we suggest that you use Facebook Business Manager to manage linked Instagram roles and accounts. There are many other benefits to using Facebook Business Manager.

2. The new API requires you to connect your Instagram Business account to a commercial Facebook page. This process is offered to you automatically when you convert your account to an "Instagram Business" account.

If for some reason this connection is not established, you can set / change the link through the Instagram app as described in this Facebook help article.

Now go to and connect your Instagram business account.

Sign in to and access some Stream (this may be within a Liveblog, Content Wall or Chat), select the Instagram tab.

Log in to Facebook with your account linked to the Instagram Business account.

Add Instagram Business Accounts as Stream sources

Once you have linked your Instagram Business account to your account, you can search for content in two ways:

  • content of your own page;

  • Instagram hashtag content in general.

Adding content from your own page

Enter the user name name of your Instagram Business account.

Adding content from Instagram hashtags in general

In the hashtags field type the hashtags you would like to see content for.

  • You can monitor up to 30 hashtags per week.

If you still have questions, please contact our support!

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