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How to import player by CSV file
How to import player by CSV file

In this article we will explain the walkthrough of how to import players into your teams using CSV files

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Step 1:  inside the dashboard, access an event that you created teams in, click Add player and then Manage Data.

Step 2: click icon of people in team line and go to player list

Step 3: Click Import CSV

Step 4:  Before importing players, you need to fill in the CSV file following the rules below:

Photo URL

  • Valid image url

  • Accepted formats: PNG and JPG


  • cannot exceed 30 characters

  • cannot contain special characters


  • Must follow the position ID of each sport: 

For your convenience we have provided a template on Google Spreadsheet which you can fill in and download in CSV.

Step 5: After filling in the spreadsheet and saving in CSV go to the team and click Import CSV.

For any other questions, please contact our support. Team.

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