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Integrating Arena on Mobile Apps
Integrating Arena on Mobile Apps

Learn how to add Arena to your mobile app

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Depending on your platform or/and framework you have to take different approaches to add the widget in your app. The first step is to get your widget embed url.

How to get a embed widget URL for Native App

Go to any Event or Chat and click on Embed Code button and, then, select Others tab:

After that select the Native App tab to get your embed URL.

Note: This widget embed URL contains a security token, it shouldn't be shared outside your organization or added to a public source code repository.

Ionic 1 and Ionic 5

Add an iFrame with the src  pointing to the Embed URL:

<iframe src="your-widget-url-here">

React Native

The most recommended way for React Native is using the WebView from react-native-webview  npm package and passing the embed url as the source:

import {  WebView  } from 'react-native-webview';
<WebView source={{ uri: 'your-widget-url-here' }} />

Swift (WebView)

In order to use a widget inside a swift app web view, you just need to add and load a WKWebView passing your embed widget url to it:

@IBOutlet  weak  var webView: WKWebView!
override  func  viewDidLoad() {
let url = URL(string: "your-widget-url-here")!
webView.load(URLRequest(url: url))

Native iOS and Android

We know that using web views is a quick way to add features to your app but many argue that it's not the most optimal in terms of experience and control over the design.

For that reason we're working hard to build an entire native SDK for iOS (Swift/Objective-C) and Android (Kotlin/Java).

We're in beta stage and if you want to try it out please reach out to us on the live chat support.

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