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What happens when the business plan limit is exceeded?
What happens when the business plan limit is exceeded?

Sites under the Business Plan close to reach the pageviews quota

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When your site reaches the Business Plan pageview limit, you will need to turn on the “Allow Overage” toggle on your Billing session in order to have your widgets working without any interruption. Pageviews exceeding the quota will be charged separately as described in the session: On this page, you can also keep track of the number of extra pageviews you have in a given period

What if the Business plan pageview limit is not enough?

I want more predictability on my monthly spending, how do I request a more personalized plan?

Our sales team is working full steam to understand your needs and offer the best-personalized plan. Send an email to: [email protected] or send us a message on this chat:

What happens if I reached 90% of the Business Plan pageview limit and downgrade my subscription?

The widgets will no longer work on your site, and you will no longer be able to make new posts or use the chats until the limit is reinstated on the next billing cycle.

How to avoid being charged extra pageviews?

To avoid being charged for on-demand pageview counted after the pageview quota is reached disable the "allow overage" option on your current plan:

Please note that when your account reaches the Business plan pageviews limit all widgets will no longer work on your site if the "allow overage" option is disabled

Any questions, don´t hesitate to reach out to us

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