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What happens when the Professional plan limit is exceeded?
What happens when the Professional plan limit is exceeded?

Sites on the Professional plan with pageviews near or at the end of the limit.

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Warning: When the pageview limit comes to an end, widgets and liveblogs no longer work on your site, and you can not make new posts until the limit resets.

What actions can you take to adjust this?

Upgrading your site to a plan with more pageviews: Business.
Waiting until your pageviews are restored.

To see when your limit will be restored, see the example below:

What do I do to prevent my widgets from stopping when I reach the limit?

You can activate the Auto Upgrade option, with this option you will automatically upgrade to the next plan with the highest pageviews volume, in this case, Business. See below the example of how to activate it:

When you activate the auto upgrade, you will be prompted for the credit card, but the charge will only be made if the plan pageview limit is reached.

Important: After the automatic upgrade to the next plan, an automatic downgrade will not be done, if you want to go back to the previous plan you need to downgrade manually.

You might be asking:

What if the Business plan does not meet my need for pageviews, how do I request a higher plan?
Our sales team is at full steam to understand your need and offer the best, personalized plan.
Send an email to: [email protected]ย 

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