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Why is my widget not showing on my site?
Why is my widget not showing on my site?

We recommend following these steps to make sure your widgets work correctly on your website

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For your Widget to work on your site you need to make sure that the domain entered on is the same domain where you embed the code, otherwise it won't work.

To check or update your website URL, do the following steps:

1 . Go to the menu and click Settings:

2. Click the Sites and Organizations tab.

3. Click the Gear.

4. Insert or update the domain where you'll be using your widgets.

Please wait up to 10 minutes for the changes to take effect.


If you have different subdomains or several sites where the same widget will be published, for example:

Primary domain:
Test domain:

  • For testing purposes it is necessary to include one at a time to perform the test.

  • In order to embed the same widget on multiple domains it is necessary to activate the whitelist option by upgrading to one of our paid plans.

  • After upgrading the white list option will be available so you'll be able to add as many domains as you wish.

If after updating your website domain configuration the widgets are still not displaying properly, please Contact Us.

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